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10 Best Car Covers For Hail Protection In 2020

The Reliancer Car Tent/Umbrella is a unique cover that provides a silver-coated material that will keep interior temperatures up to 45F cooler during a hot summer day. It is also 100% waterproof, allowing you to give your vehicle an extra layer of protection. It is made more for light precipitation instead of hail, but you’ll receive some hail protection in case of an emergency.

Actived: Friday Jun 5, 2020

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Average Cost of a Wheel Alignment and Wheel Balance in 2020

While driving, take your hands off the steering wheel and see if the car stays straight on the road. If the steering wheel becomes crooked and swerves very easily towards the left or right then you need a wheel alignment badly. Some people have even heard their tires squealing when they became too unaligned.

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