Scottish Independence Would Be 2-3 Times More Costly Than

In this blog, Hanwei Huang, Thomas Sampson and Patrick Schneider (LSE) analyse the economics of Scottish independence by looking at its impact on trade. Independence would put a new border between Scotland and the rest of the UK, introducing new trade costs. They find that since the rest of the UK is Scotland’s largest trading partner, the impact of independence would be 2-3 times greater

Actived: Tuesday Feb 23, 2021


Bad choice design can be particularly harmful for less

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The five dramatic phases of writing an essay at LSE

Having spent the entire day devoted to analyzing your essay question, you can now rest easy with the idea of a new tomorrow and go off to sleep. Phase 2 (15 days before deadline) The booked office hour has finally been attended, you have met your advisor and an action plan is now in the works.

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Winning the Hearts (and Wallets) of Ethical Consumers

At intervals, a mobile application would deliver bundles of coupons, as well as opportunities to win high-end prizes, such as an all-expenses paid trip to a stakeholder farm. Access to a community of like-minded consumer advocates would be unlocked on the mobile platform as participants increasingly engage with the brand, in addition to access

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